Address: 4539 Wexford Way; Rock Hill, SC 29730


Design and Rehabilitation of Roads

Our services cover the entire life cycle of a project, from preliminary draft design to construction monitoring.

The services offered include design investigations, route planning and location survey, location of construction materials, geometric design, pavement design, preparation of tender/contract documentation and drawings and construction supervision for all of the following areas:

  • Rural and urban roads.
  • Urban freeways.
  • Roads and parking areas for public and private building developments.
  • Non-motorised transport.
  • Bus rapid transport routes.
  • Rehabilitation of existing roads and freeways.

Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering

We offer a limited spectrum of road based transportation planning, ranging from traffic engineering studies to public transportation.

The scope of services provided in the transportation and traffic engineering fields include:

  • Traffic Impact assessments.
  • Design of public transport, bus and taxi facilities and pedestrian facilities.
  • All processes involved in the development of integrated transport plans.